Time Management #1

Do we need to manage time?  Or do we need to manage how we waste time? What distracts us?

Do we need to understand how much time a task takes?  Do we under-estimate or over-estimate how much time a task takes?   It is amazing how much you can achieve in one minute or even five minutes.   The only way you will find out how long something takes, is if you time every activity you do. Every activity you do!    This will provide the proof that you need to see, that you have wasted time, or you have under-estimated, or you have over-estimated or you have correctly estimated the time it takes to do something.   You will then realize that our understanding of time is a little bit off!  Try timing everything you do for a few days.

Experiment with ironing for only 15 minutes, how many clothes did you iron? How many clothes are outstanding that you can spend 15 minutes tomorrow doing?   Washing the dishes, for 1O minutes only, did it take ten minutes or less?  Were there any dishes remaining? Tidy up the living room for 5 minutes, what did you achieve?  Make your bed, how long did it take? Hang up your coat and put your shoes away when you get in the house, how long did it take?  Time all of these things and write the time and your observations down.  The result will be mind-blowing! Trust me!

Time yourself on facebook, Instagram, twitter, snap chat, etc etc, how much time do you spend on these social media platforms?  Was that a constructive use of time?   Or were you supposed to do something else? !?

Time yourself writing that report or email that you need to send out, how long did that take?  Was it as bad as you thought it might be?

Do you always need to spend 20 mins in the shower/bath, for a few day try finishing your bath in 10 minutes, including brushing your teeth?   Can you do it? How much time did you save?

Ladies, try and get your make up done in 10 minutes max each day.  Can you ? and how does it feel to save that time ?

When you measure your time like this, you understand where you waste time, how much time is actually spent on a task, how we over-estimate a task and therefore put it off?  This exercise helps us realise that our concept of time is not quite accurate.   Our laziness and procrastination arise from feeling that a task is overwhelming or is going to take ages.  But, until we say let me spend 5 minute on it today and 5 minutes on it tomorrow, do we appreciate that the task is not so difficult, that our estimation of time is a bit up the creek and we need to get a handle on actually how much we can achieve in a minute.   I know, I have over-estimated time and in fact the task take less time.  Sometimes, I feel that I confuse a second to be minute, and because I over-estimation the time it might take to do a task it stops me from getting on with it.  But, when I do this exercise I realise, oh it wasn’t so bad and I get more motivated to do more and it takes less time than expected. The converse is true with under-estimating time, we think oh we have all the time in the world, we last minute dot com it, and we have to stay up all night to finish it, because it is harder than we estimated.

When we waste time, our sub conscious mind knows and it feels guilty, because we ignore it and stop listening to it, we create a new normal.  However, you will never be truly happy, content, or peaceful when you waste time.   When each second is used constructively this includes doing important things and chores, we are so much happier. Try and see the difference.    Firstly, measure your time in all the task you do and see the proof in your experimentation’s.   You will see that time management is about, understanding  how much time I waste, and my concept of time is a bit off.   This experiment of tracking time will put you back on track and you will be highly motivated.

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