Quotes #15

Dear friends,    Most of you know my love for quotes.  Actually, thinking about who in the world doesn’t love quotes.   This my  fifteenth week of quotes, and today I am trying to be a bit more creative (i.e.  presenting the quotes not just as text – therefore there aren’t as many as I normally post – Sorry) .

Acknowledgements:  All quotes taken from the web,   all but two image created by myself  (i.e. Gandhi and the men digging).

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  1. Beautiful quotes! And lovely images! Even the peacock has me in awe (it’s my favourite bird). I like the Goethe quote, ‘be prepared for changes’ and I also like the one with the men digging. That image of the diamonds just a fraction away should motivate anyone. So many people give up on something just as they are about to reach it. Me included in the past.
    I love your quote too. I’d love your quotes to be somewhere else one day, for people to put images up and quote thoughtsnlifeblog :).

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