Feedback Please

Dear Friends,

So the blogging journey is hard for all of us.   We struggle with the same things, blogging daily, finding time to read and comment.   Writers block.  How many to follow.  Social media.

Consistency is something I have struggled with.

I started in March 2016.   Both March and April 2016 I only posted 5 per month.  Then, I  upped by game in May.   Then in July a landed a part time job after not working for TWO YEARS.   I was able to go back to my old job as Business Analyst looking after HR and Payroll system.   My boss is lovely and had given me space to adjust, but 10 weeks on I know I need to step up at work.  I only work 3 days a week.    Because, I support/assist my mum who had two heart attacks.  First in 2012 which was followed by a triple by pass, but I was able to work full time after 6 months.  But in March 2015 she had another heart attack, after 3 weeks being at home we where back at hospital and she had to have a pace maker (dual) and well life is not the same for her at all.  She has a new normal .     We both do charity work on Tuesday and Thursday.   She learnt Sage Line 50 data entry before her second heart attack and is doing data entry at the charity (Brahma Kumaris) with me.

Me returning back to work after two years – oh Man –  I don’t advise it to anyone!!!   Oh what a shock, it happened so fast in  week of asking the question I was in (because it was my old boss and the work I did – well – it left a mark).

So then July and August have been ish consistent.    I set myself of daily blogging in September with a schedule of sorts.   And on the whole I am doing kind of okay.  But things are suffering like reading and commenting on others blogs and suffered a bit of a major writers block.

Anyway that the back story.   Life is good, and as I say an new normal and almost adjusted.   I have been thinking about my darling , my baby, my blog.   I have been thinking it is growing nicely and may new followers, likers and commentor.    I am thankful to old and new followers , likers and commentors.

So my thought is that OCT 2016 I wont post 7 days a week.  It really pains me to say that – because I really love you all and your comments on my blog, and I feel like I am letting you down by not posting every day.

Anyway,  I haven’t quite decide if I reduce the schedule to 6, 5, or 4.   Do I do it just for Oct 2016 or forever.      Part of me says let me post on  Wed, Thursday,  Sat and Sunday and leave it at that.   Let Saturday be my Quote day as  that seems to be popular.

So the feedback I would like from my beautiful followers, likers, commentor – what would you like from me in OCT and going forward  if I stop daily blogs?  Would you be happy with  Saturday as Quote day, and  the other 3 or 2 days as my thoughts and spirituality , positive type posting ?  Would Wed, Thursday , Sat and Sunday be okay?

Do let me know your thoughts.  In writing this,  my heart is breaking that I wont post each day – wow ! what attachment I have.   I miss you all already  – eek.

Anyway –  reducing the blog post doesn’t stop me from blogging additional post when I have time.

Your thoughts please – comment below

Thanks in advance

Bella aka

Gandhi - future depents






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  1. You already know how I feel about this as we’ve discussed it a bit but I have no problem with you easing off the blogging. In fact the less posts you do the more likely I’m able to keep up with them, given my own over busy schedule. I think it’s a good thing to keep up the regularity of posts. such as a quote day, getting used to that we’ll all know to expect your quotes on that day and of course we will miss so much insightful and inspiring blog posts but I’d rather have your posts regularly but 4 times a week than everyday where you yourself are feeling pushed.

    From my own experience I can say that taking more days off actually does leave you with more time to visit other blogs so I think it would be a good thing for you. And you can change your mind whenever you want. It’s your blog and we all want you to be as happy and inspired as you help us to be 🙂 ❤ ❤ . Take good care of yourself and good wishes to you mum and family ❤

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  2. Quotes are never wrong,
    Take a carefull look at your best followers using your syatistics
    And like another great person said … look after yourself and family … first!
    Every outher thing is secondary!
    What music do you like,
    Be carefull with Religeon and Politics … they are dangerous!
    Science , or Sience fiction?
    Take care.

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  3. Hi Bella, firstly, we won’t be disappointed in anything you do. For me blogging has always had to fit in with the rest of my life. When ever you post, even if it’s just twice a week, I will read you. In fact I may be even more inclined as we all lead busy lives.
    Blogging shouldn’t be about putting pressure on yourself. It’s about what works for you, yes interacting with others but you have to balance it all, the writing, reading, commenting and you can only do that if you don’t wear yourself out!
    Take care of yourself and your family, schedule a realistic number of posts that you can cope with and then relax. And enjoy the ride. Hugs and warmest wishes to you.

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  4. Oh my! You have a full plate and are yet dedicated to blogging. What to do? I started blogging in 2012 and the best advice I can give to you is it’s not the quantity, but the quality.

    I follow many blogs, and there are some weeks when I have to wait until the weekend to catch-up with them. Another blogger gave me a good suggestion that when we follow many blogs, to start off my visiting blogs that have visited your blog to pay it forward first. I’ve found that doing it that way takes me more time than using notifications and the reader.

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    • Xena thanks for advice. I did not quite get the point with following many blogs? Could you explain further? Yes you are right there are weekend bloggers, who have a big following.

      Thanks for reading and commenting i really appreciate the advice it is helpful and encouraging. Regards bella


      • Well, there are days when I think I spend more time keeping up with the blogs I follow that I write or research to write a new blog post. LOL! So, if you’re concerned about having time to visit blogs you follow, put that off until weekends or use the reader.

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        • Thanks Xena i get what your saying. I did even mention my random weekends. Sometimes the weekend is quite sometimes i dont have time.

          I got the wp app on my smart phone to ease the situation. But my typos due to fat fingers has increased. But i get the point i can defer the catch up. Thanks for coming back to me.

          Seriously appreciate. Regards bella


  5. Hey Bella, I read the first comment and I agree with C, that I would be able to keep up with your blog more often as sometimes I don’t find the time or say I’m gonna come back to the post then don’t. So I would not mad at all if u reduced to 4 – 5 post a week 🙂 I follow you on Instagram so I’ll get my dose of goodness there too! Glad your find your schedule and making that healthy balance !

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    • Aww Monica great feed back . It is like one of Vincent’s posts – the reader needs the time. So glad for your feedback means the world to me. Oh me on insta a regrann a lot of other people stuff it is all me.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. So from Oct 2016 i will do a new schedule just need to figure days out. Saturday for sure will be quote day. Then the other 2 or 3 days i need to figure out. Would be easier if it was tuesday , thursday, sat and sun. I get a lot of readers on sat and Sunday’s.. but the week days are a bit different

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  6. Sorry I’m late chiming in and putting in my two cents’ worth, Bella, but I’ve been trying to catch up on all the blogs I follow, along with email, work, phone calls, and writing my own blog! Which is why I actually find it easier to follow blogs that don’t post every day. Don’t put pressure on yourself. As some other people pointed out, it’s quality not quantity that counts.

    Personally, I can’t manage more than one post a week, although they are on the lengthier side (1000 words plus); I could and probably will at some point post some short snippets more often alternated with longer ones. But you do what fits best into your life. You don’t want to end up hating blogging because you feel that it becomes a burden. You won’t lose followers; in fact, you may gain some among people who don’t have time to follow daily blogs.

    And just for the record, I agree with some of the comments about Facebook. I don’t find it’s conducive to thought-provoking material. Most people on FB seem to just want to see photos, entertaining videos, and compare their lives to their FB friends’ (and maybe show off a little). It’s lighter fare, as compared to people on WordPress and other forums.

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    • Hey Gloria, you may recall when i started out i did a wp training and set myself for 3 days a week… which didnt last. But now after various experiments especially in sept . A four day a week schedule i think is possible. I dont think i can write long post yet. One thing about you Gloria is you are consistent and sincere ..and i really appreciate that. And admire it too. So as of today i will post sat , sun, tues, wed. And sat will be fixed as quote day as everyone likes that and i seem to be able to do that.

      You are right about hating blogging… not that will happen… but it is not easy to keep up.

      Fb… i only joined it in 2012 after a family wedding in jamica.. then initially i enjoyed it but then ahhh.. it is abit. I have a blog page on fb…but i limit it use. Not all family and friends know i blog.. sometimes i feel like shutting it down. Because the blog doesnt seem to grow from that.. anyways i rather carefree about it all now after 6 months of blogging.. meaning before i did put pressure on myself and all the technology was a bit…now i am settled ish… thanks for reading commenting and supporting…always appreciate it from my heart. Goodnit


    • Oops schedule is. Sat. Sun. TUES. THURS.
      And i think you are quite right less may get me more followers… and reading and commenting on others will be more enjoyable..and you are write wp is thought provoking fb is…well..


  7. Amazing. great work you’re doing here Bella. posting every day this month is a huge accomplishment. I’ve never even done that so I’m very impressed with you. I can relate how you might feel about going from 7 posts a week to 4. I would feel hesitant about that also. I guess it’s just what you care about. If you want higher stats at the end of the month, posting more often is better. If you want more engagement than maybe posting 4 a week is great too. I don’t know Bella. every blogger is different. I think you’re still gonna have to experiment with this and see what works for you. SAT, SUN, TUE, THURS, sounds good, but I know it’s easier to do something 100% of the time than it is to do something 98% of the time. Sorry I have no advice Bella, just letting you know I’ll support you:)

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    • Dear Vincent, it is a gamble i know. But i have two projects at work, while my boss us super cool . How much can i achieve in 3 days. I want to make four days work.. i really hope i can. Posting 7 days a week – killer and i had to dig up old post here and there. I wanted to try and see.

      Thanks for you support.

      You must fill me in with what you have been upto.

      Thanks Vincent for reading and commenting on my posts. Regards bella

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