Traffic Control your Thoughts!

What is Traffic Control ?

Well,  every hour for a minute, we meditate.  What that does is it slows down your thought, it allows you to regroup, and become refreshed.  We also do slightly longer meditation for 5 minutes at certain daily intervals. For example, 10.30 am  12pm, 1pm and so on.

When I practice traffic control at home or at work,  it makes a massive difference to my life:

The benefit I see in my life when I practice traffic control

  1. Traffic control generally happens just at the right time – Meaning I am stuck with an issue that I can’t see pass.   After traffic control – bingo the issue is no longer an issue.
  2. It keeps me calm
  3. It keeps the perspective on things
  4. It stops me from reacting.
    • My evening meditation from 7pm to 7.30pm or  8 Pm is fantastic.
  5. My thoughts have slowed down.
  6. If I lapse into a mood or get disturbed, traffic control brings me back to centre.
  7. It just puts it all into perspective –  I know I am repeating here – but OMG does it put things back into perspective.
  8. I think I am so much calmer than I have ever been in life. Well, that not all down to traffic control.  It is a combination of regular meditation in the early morning and evening, spiritual classes in the morning,  revising positive thoughts in the day,  etc., and of course, the teaching talks at the Brahma Kumaris.

Did you know we have something like 60,000 per day or worse than that.    That is, not normal.   Why are we tried, fatigued, and depressed?     They say when we are at our highest self we have considerably less thoughts.  


So remember the Hare and Tortoise

Well let us become tortoises in our thoughts.

Life is not a race!

Work is not a race!

Family is not a race!

Yes, there is pressure in life, but how do I choose to respond to it?

By adding more pressure to the workload,

or whatever it is, 

is only going lead to one thing


that is a cracked and stressed out me.

Glass when put under pressure – IT will crack!

So, let stop  SELF -INFLICTING  PRESSURE on ourselves!.

I accept I have pressure, I have a dead line,  but do it calmly, deliberately, patiently with tolerance and acceptance.   Let me win the race like the tortoise.   Well, it is not a race in the first place.  Life is an experience and learning  opportunity.   Learn and experience all aspects of life calmly.



Reduce your speed limit of your thoughts.    My blog is about how our thoughts, actions, feels impact our life.  We are either happy or sad.   I feel it is self created, we are the masters of our life, we have a choice and we just need the courage to the right thing for us.

What is the rush.  In the same way speed kills in a car- can speed of thought kill us? Most definitely it will drain us and make us go slightly mad? What do you think?


Parting Thought…

So I hope that post inspires you to try traffic control, regular meditation or just slow down.

I link here two website for your reference. Both websites have meditations you can listen to and use in your life.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please Like, share, subscribe or Comment. Would love to know your thoughts on this post – or if you have any questions on the Meditation or Brahma Kumaris.

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My inspiration is the Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris  (180+ countries, and every thing is free).

At the Brahma Kumaris we teach spirituality.  That is,  I am a soul, a point of light, I the soul is  immortal and my original qualities are Peace, Love, Purity, Wisdom and Joy.   Through rebirth I have fallen.   When we meditate we connect to the divine soul, and his power re-energies us, cleanses us,  reawakens our inner qualities, burn the algae (anger,lust, greed, attachment, ego).    The algae is what has made us fall.

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