New Blogging Schedule!

Dear Friends ,

A few days ago I requested feedback about my blog and it’s schedule :  see the blog post here : Feedback Please

I decided that  I was going to make September my blog a day month.    I am very happy that I have almost achieved it.   However, as I explain in my feeback blog post,   I can not sustain it.    I know all the blogging an SEO advise says ” blog every day and even twice a day”.     Frankly,  I can’t fit that schedule in my life without crashing.    Having said that,  I totally get why blogging ever day as a newbie matters (and  I have seen the impact of it).  Nevertheless, I am reducing my schedule.    

I will continue to blog at a reduced schedule – because LESS can BE MORE!  For the writer and the reader both.



Before I unveil my new schedule.

LET me SAY  a Massive thank you to all my followers.    From the ones who found in Month one and those along the way and those who just joined  the band wagon just a few hours ago.

I love you all and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and on-going support.



AS of Today  Thursday 22nd Sept 2016  I will blog 4 days of the week.   Anything extra will be bonus.

The days I will  blog are





Saturday will be my Quote blog day as  that’s one every one likes.     The other days will be what you have seen to date and a lot more wonderful pieces (I hope).


Here is a peek at my BED DESK – LOL!!  the mess, and the chocolate.  The pink book with butterflies – my beautiful blogging brain dump, drafting note book.  One book I have just finished reading (Crush It)  and two other books that I dip in and out off all the time.  God’s Healing Power – is falling a part for I have read it so many times (  watch this blog for some inspired post from that book).  A scratch pad – aka my Journal/Morning pages.


So, my dear sweet blogging friends you will see me, but less of me and those who have known me for a while will laugh – cause I have never been able to blog every day.

What I do hope to do, is to  be a bit more creative and use graphics more – I am so rubbish at using pictures in my blog.   But,  I have experimented a bit more with it in September 2016.  The above is mine – my smartphone and my shaky hand -lol..

Thanks for stopping by.  Please Comment , Like ,Share,  or subscribe to this blog.   See you on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Stay happy,

peaceful, grateful

and content. 

Enjoy today and plan for tomorrow. 

Be lost in love of the divine,

and see the beauty that is you,

that is peace, that is the atmosphere you create around you.   

Be great whatever you are,

be true and be your unique self,

for we are born to be unique –

so don’t compare – just be your beautiful self.

An immortal soul, a point of light , lost in the company of the divine.


Lots of Love ,  Bella   –  Aka   Since March 2016


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31 thoughts on “New Blogging Schedule!

  1. its my opinion as a regular blogger that we should be mindful of our readers time at the same time too. With time being a constant, with everyone, through social media or the blogosphere competing for that precious time, less is definitely MORE in my opinion 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I LOVE random! I live fro random posting! lol. Don’t worry too much. It depends on what kind of person you are. I have never enjoyed timtalbes too much so just post when I feel up to it. Suffering some days in a depressive state (not often but it still sometimes happens)makes it easier for me to be random but if you are the type of person who enjoys following a schedule then if that works for you go for it. I’ll tell you this tho…No matter which way you blog, your dedicated followers will always be happy to read your posts. ❤ 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. True and True. I love random too, but I am a bit of a schedule person too.. but lose schedule cause life happens. Actually I am random myself – a like a schedule and I like random to. So Am I (oh when I see those meerkat on the ad – love them and I think of your post…. Random link – from a random personality…) good nite

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  2. I guess I should’ve read this post before I read the feedback post. Everything here sounds great. the pictures is an even greater idea. You saying that makes me want to use more pictures. You said that you understand why blogging every day is great for a newbie because the impact that it has. I would like to know why you said that and what you’ve noticed from blogging every day?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stats and you get use to writing and engaging. It took me ages to realise that twitter and instagram bring in readers.. but wp gives true followers. And commenting on other blogger post drives traffic to yours. I still havent quite figured if twitter is gaining me followers on wp..or just twitter. Insta followers are loyal like wp and some twitter. Twitter is confusing.

      You gotta put in effort and develop routines and once you have that with regular blogging as a newbie..i want to believe you can ease of your content but still keep up the networking. Every blogger is struggling the same struggle..

      Who know may return to more post lets see…

      I want 4 to work and anything else is bonus.

      For me reading and commenting takes longer than writing a blog. But now with images oh man ..that adds time to it..

      Certainly out of my comfort zone therefore all good cause i am learning

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    1. Thanks for your comment. What i do find amazing all other bloggers are managing it. Anyway, new schedule is working out. I think i will always find it hard .. but learnt a few tricks that i didnt realise before that make the process better. I think and i hope this works out.

      We can only see. Early days still..

      Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts greatly appreciate it.


    2. Thanks for your comment. What i do find amazing all other bloggers are managing it. Anyway, new schedule is working out. I think i will always find it hard .. but learnt a few tricks that i didnt realise before that make the process better. I think and i hope this works out.

      We can only see. Early days still..


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