Who is Your Button Pusher ?

Who is your button pusher?

The scenario:    Someone does or says something accidentally or deliberately to hurt you!

You get annoyed, hurt, angry,  tearful and just so unhappy.  They have said what they said, and an hour later you are still mad.

A day later you are still mad.   They have moved on and got on with their life.  But, I am still annoyed, how dare they ! HOW DARE they !!!!  Honestly, how DARE THEY!!!

So, two days later we are still mad.

A week later still mad.   Two weeks later still mad.

A month later still mad.   Two months later still mad.   The one who has hurt has since moved on with their life and even had a holiday and got a new job and life is rosy for them.

4 months later you are still mad.

A year later  you are still mad.     The other person still doesn’t realise what they did !?  Funny that.  They have moved on with their life and I am still stuck.

That five minute hurtful conversation has become a year of pain!  They have moved on.  And I am stuck. 

They pushed my button ONCE only. 



hours, days, weeks, months  and years later !!??.


We have to learn to accept, let go, move on and believe there is benefit in everything.  Learn to take the emotional charge out of the pain.  That pain happened in the past, is has gone, let me learn what it is I have to learn and let me move on.  Learn to let go, for your happiness, for your peace of mind, for your health – physical and mental health.


Think about it??  

How crazy is that. Sure it was wrong it was rude,it was hurtful.  But, who is stuck and causing themselves mental and physical damage a YEAR ON!

We have to let it go,  We have to forgive and move on.   Yes, it is hard.  But, it is not impossible – for the word itself say I’M POSSIBLE  (quote from unknown author) .


We have the capacity to be much greater, kinder, compassionate, stronger than we are.   We are immortal souls with a Hugh capacity to love, to be peaceful, to be silent, to be positively strong.    Stick and Stone – they are just word.  Or I get hurt physically,  but I am a soul, a point of light energy, I am immortal, I walk in God light – how can I be hurt I am not this body.

Life is one big habit

and being hurt can be an habit, especially when I practice it for a whole year!   I know I make light of it, but honestly why make it heavy, let it go move one.

Realise after the event it is YOU that is the button pusher!  They have move one.

Fact is that  people will hurt us deliberately or accidentally.  I choose to get hurt or not.  Let Karma do it’s job, become carefree and live your life – don’t get paralyzed.

We have more capacity then we realise.  Look at Nelson Mandela and Viktor Frankl.  Be inspired, and believe in yourself,  you can get over it and move one.  You are stronger and wiser, and capable of managing should it happen again – but it wont.  Because I will use affirmations and the law of attraction and I will do positive karma – my life will be free of obstacles as I have the divine and I have inner resilience!

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  1. Someone very close to me is a button pusher, but you are right — we can choose to be annoyed/upset or not. Victor Frankl was such an amazing person. He went through the most horrific experiences — being in a Nazi concentration camp — and yet he survived and still found beauty in life. I marvel at that, because it seems way beyond me! He also wrote the wonderful book, “The Song of Bernadette” that was made into a movie in the 1950’s.

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  2. Great one! The person who pushes my buttons doesn’t stop though. Well she does. Until she realizes that I have moved on and then she does it again. In some kind of way. I worked on the issue. I manage to let go instantly if she does but it makes it hard to let truly go because she will come back and do it again. Some people are hard to keep out of your life but I’m working on it. One step at a time.

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  3. and being hurt can be an habit, especially when I practice it for a whole year …this is what I think is a powerful revelation …as much as i agree with your entire post …it is often a habit pattern that we get stuck in …new day, new moment, new breath calls for a new way of being, let go, move on, live life.

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    • We have people we believe our button pushers. I went to a talk on this topic and he so beautifully put it, that actually we are our own button pushers. What it is, is that we have sensitive and elements of our nature -that another person trigger something , which creates a negative feel towards another. Granted some people just are hard . However, it is up to me to get annoyed or not. It up to me to hole resentment or not . In the long run negativity will only damage your health – physically and mentally. It also impacts your life and your growth. Sure it is hard to accept the other, may be we will never be able to , but if we can reach a non emotional feeling to a person, it means I am free-er , my mind is clearer of negativity and my resilience to getting annoyed by them is greater, that I don’t have to avoid them, or when I see them I don’t lose my inner peace. I know what it is like to be disliked and frankly I don’t know what I have done to be disliked – therefore I don’t take their hate personally ..

      All I know is that negativity will not lead me to have an unhappy life, and one can never truly be happen inside. So if one can find away to let go and accept the at least there is some peace some positivity some wholeness. For example i wrote a post – A haters going to hate you regardless – because I finally accepted the fact, but it doesn’t mean I am a bad person at all.

      Thanks for popping by sorry for the ramble

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  4. It’s like holding up a glass of water… hold the water for minute is easy, but soon enough it starts getting heavy. The water and the glass doesn’t care, it’s just water and a glass. It weighs us down and eventually all we can think about is how heavy the glass feels. Eventually we have to just put the glass down and move on. Great words of advice you have written!

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    • Brigid, many thank for appreciation and feedback means a lot. Well down time, the plan was to read and comment on other bloggers and plan a head post. Still finding my feet or art of juggling.. glad the pics are working .. they take a bit of planning.. but your feedback gives me more enthusiasm.. really appreciate it. Speak soon regards bella

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  5. Life’s full of people who’ll make snide remarks, hurt us and bring us down but in the end it’s us to us to believe in ourself and reclaim our power. And to move on from hurts. You’re right, it achieves nothing to hold on. We have to learn to let go. Great post Bella.

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