Quotes #19

For you quote addicts here are this weeks selection- enjoy!









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Our thoughts impact our life, they makes us happy or sad.  Be mindful what you think and how you think.  We are in control of our happiness.  Thoughts and Life

18 thoughts on “Quotes #19

    1. @forestwoodfolkart.. i have about 19 weeks of quotes so you are welcome to use any as they arent owned by me.. a link back to my blog would be lovely and kind of you.

      Quotes are wonderful a few lines of the most powerful words that can profoundly change us ..

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  1. Reblogged this on ThoughtsnLifeBlog and commented:

    Dear Friends, I share quotes every 3rd Saturday rather than weekly now as I need some space for other activities in my life. The next share of quotes is on 5th August 2017. However, I thought why don’t I reblog an old quote post for those who just really love quotes.. so here is an old blog post on quotes hope you enjoy.


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