Thank you

Thank you followers old and new!

Thank you likers and commentors!

Thank you for your support, and love. You all keep me going.  I appreciate you all, you make it a pleasure and honor to post to such wonderful followers and beautiful commentor/likers/followers.

I am not a natural writer, it is an immense struggle to put words together.  The idea flow, but the words, the pictures, the whole blog post is a lot of effort for me.   I seem to suffer writers blog daily, but I have ideas all the time.  I amaze myself at my randomness, in that I have ideas – but I can’t make it blog post.   I am so thankful to you all for your support and it is so lovely to read your comments.


This blog is to share all about how we think and live, how it impacts us.   It is to make me work harder on being happy and managing my thoughts and in do that, I hope to inspire anyone else who wishes to be inspired.   Please do feel free to request me to write about something in more detail, if a blog post doesn’t go into enough details.

Thank you again my wonderful friends.

I must also say sorry I can’t seem to get round to read and comment every body’s blog but I am trying.

Thank you again for all your support with all my heart thank you.  Regards Bella. Aka thoughtsnlifeblog

I try to blog on Saturdays (quote day), Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Thank you


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  1. Bella! I personally thank you for providing positivity because it truly makes a difference. The Thank You song is fun, and I gotta say it fits your fun personality. Keep on blogging Bella, and you truly are a gem!

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  2. Fabulous and Thank You Bella for keeping us inspired and entertained! I’m sorry I didn’t get chance to read this yesterday – I know the feeling of trying to ‘keep up’… Brilliant post! x

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