Meditation – A Daily Practice

Meditation – A daily practice of self care, self respect, self empowerment, self discipline and self love.   Show yourself some love with a bit of meditation and see the magic unfold, and see your beautiful soul shine and life become water of a duck back, and you just enjoy being – just being you.   No need to be anything but I the soul,  a point of light, a point of peace.  What bliss.

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If I did not meditate ever day,  in the morning and evening, I think I would go mad!  Seriously, the endless chatter of the mind !

Meditation is like a refreshing bath for I the soul.  It puts into perspective a day of chaos, or a day of nothing,  or a day of random, or even a good day.   It makes me whole inside.  It makes be balanced, that is I do  not go to low, I do not go to high in my emotions – I stay balanced.   It makes me see the bigger picture of the world, of my role in the world, of the Divine.   It allows me to connect to the Divine and engage with him and download his power in I the soul.


I am whole when I the soul am connected to the Divine in meditation.

There is nothing like calming I the soul,  setting my mind , my intellect to positive, to calm, to peace, to the beauty of peace, all of this through meditation.  Meditation empowers me to be tolerant, resilient, calm , peaceful and all knowing.   It allows me to just be, not to react, and really choose silence, peace, self mastery of I the soul , as my true nature.   It allows me to be internal not external,  it allows me to become deep  and wise.  It allows me to let it all slide away,  to be calm no matter what. 

When I meditate not only do I become calm and peaceful, so does the atmosphere around me, and this body of mine.   When I share peace with myself and the world – I heal both of them.  Through meditation we can bring about world peace, for if we all become peaceful, we all create waves of peace and the result is  world of peace.Imagine: One World filled with Peace & Harmony!

I share two meditation below for you to try out.   These meditations have been produced by the Brahma Kumaris .    The word Om Shanti means Om = I am  Shanti =  Peace.   The original religion and state of I the soul is peace.  I strongly recommend making meditation a part of your daily routine.    I also practice Just-a-Minute Meditations daily.

The just-a-minute website has a link to an APP that allows you to meditate with the use of your phone.  When you pause your thoughts for  minute every few hours, you will be amazed how calm you will feel.


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89 thoughts on “Meditation – A Daily Practice

    1. Soooo happy you like it and were able to enjoy it. I have more meditations on my meditation page. And the just a minute is great resource as well as brahma kumaris. Website. All links on the post.

      If i dont meditate i dont feel complete.. it is the best thing

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      1. Thanks Bella – I’ll check out the link to the website as it was indeed very ‘peaceful’.. I do like meditations too and as a hypnotherapist myself, it’s nice to hear someone else’s calming voice! Have a great weekend! xx

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