Saturday Weekly Quotes – #20

Dear Friends,

Happy Saturday,  Happy every day, Happy Weekend,  Happy life.   Happy lessons learnt,  Happy growing and learning.   Happy, Happy, Happy.

Life is a choice, and it all starts with what I think and feel.  I create my happiness or sadness, or I create my own mis-understanding.  It is all connected to the way I think, and it all starts with me.

What a read, watch or hear, creates my inspirationThe company I keep inspires me.  Inspiration can go both ways, that is good or bad.   So, always have your head in the right place, know when it is not, and Meditate , or Journal it back to the right place.

So, here we are this weeks selection of quotes and I include a few of mine.wp-1476822529193.pngwp-1476821259966.png








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    • Hey.. you are catching up on old quotes that nice.. i think tomorrow is week 25 and i havent started to select any yet … thanks for visiting and commenting.. i love comments make me feel on the right track… speak soon