A Natural Substitute for Statin Drugs!

This is not a post that is in line with my blog.  However,  it is something  that intetests me greatly.  and my message is when it comes to health please do research because … well….


Source: iHealthTube.com October 27, 2016 Statin drugs do lower cholesterol, but at what cost? Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses what statins do and what the result often is of the lowering of cholester…

Source: A Natural Substitute for Statin Drugs!

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  1. I do believe we are an overmedicated society, and it becomes a vicious cycle of drugs, side effects, and more drugs to treat the side effects…and so on. If there is a legit natural treatment, it makes sense to try that first. Of course, the medical community and big pharma will shoot down anything natural, bc where’s the money in that (for them)?

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