See No, Hear No, Speak No, Think No!


See No, Hear No, Speak No, Think No!

This proverb is such a beautiful one,I  love it, and  I try to live by it.  For me this proverb is a guidance to safe guard myself or even ourselves from creating bad habits, negative karma and generally feeling bad.

Our thoughts impact our entire life.  Our thoughts make us happy or sad.  What we see, hear, think and speak also impact our thoughts and feelings.


If we see something we don’t like we tend to take it inside and then hold that negativity.   Likewise, when hear something that is not so good, we also hold that inside.  We then brew ill feeling in whatever shape.  We will then generally express that feeling in speaking and sharing it with others.  Before we speak of those  ill feelings that  we have towards others, we will spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about the negative and we will create a massive storm in our minds.  When we do this, we poison ourselves in terms of our mind and our physical body.


There is much power in this proverb, see no, speak no, hear no, and think no.    If I can refrain myself from seeing the bad, hearing the negative, speaking the negative and thinking the negative, I save myself from feel down, feeling that the world is just so horrible.    I save myself from creating negative karmic accounts with others.  I also save myself from law of attraction.

The law of attraction states that you get what you send out to the world.  So, that means if I am negative in my thoughts then I will at some point in time get the return of that.   Karma  can be described as the bondage of action between souls, therefore if I have good feeling for another then that relationship will be good. But, if I am quietly negative inside myself towards another, though I may not say it to their face, I create a negative karmic account with that soul and then we wonder why it is always so painful.



  • I need to see but not see. 
  • Hear but not hear,  
  • Think but not think or speak anything that is negative. 

Sure, it is not easy, but  if we try a little each day, we will build a habit of seeing and not seeing and hearing not hearing.

When we let negativity inside, and we let it damage I the soul, our mind, our feelings, and we damage our health.

We need to learn how to deal with the negativity quickly and not let it stay with us to long so that we are saved by the boomerang of the negativity.

Therefore,  learn to stop yourself, understand when you are going of track and say STOP, and think something positive, drop the negative thought, remind yourself that this is not healthy for you physically or mentally. 

I am currently reading a book, the lady has an inoperable brain tumor, she was able to reduce  the tumor to almost nothing simply by meditating and healing techniques and changing her mind set (It is a true story I even saw her speak about it at a talk.   I will write a blog post on it, but I haven’t finished the book yet). She realised that the pain she held in her subconsciousness and had forgotten about was part of the reason for the tumor (I know !)


Our thoughts have a major impact on our life.

Therefore we  must not hold onto any pain or animosity.

We should SEE NO, HEAR NO, THINK NO, and SPEAK NO Negativity.    

Frankly, it is matter of self-discipline to stop ourselves and only we can do it

I was thinking what techniques can I give as part of this blog post, but honestly you have to know yourself, you have to work on yourself, you have to stop yourself, you have to remind yourself negativity of any type is not healthy for you. 

I personally find meditation, and reading or hearing something positive daily is the key to calm and happiness. I like to think of meditation and positive thinking as food for I the soul, so I generally make sure I take my soul food at  breakfast , lunch and dinner . 

So remember:   SEE NO, HEAR NO,  THINK NO, SPEAK NO.     Just let it go and don’t take it inside or share with anyone else.

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