Self Mastery – The Art of….#1

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Self Mastery:-  the art of being a master of myself.

The art of knowing myself.

The art of understanding why I become unhappy, moody, tearful

The art of making myself happy, content, peaceful, wise, joyful and  my own advisor.

As you know from my about page, I practice Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris, and today slogan was …..


“In order to become a master of the self, make the advisor of your mind co-operate with you.”   This is an extremely powerful slogan.

So the motto of this blog, is our thoughts make us happy or sad.

Where do thoughts spring from? They spring from the mind and  are influenced by what we see, hear, read and think.

Therefore, one can say that the mind is an advisor to I the soul.  Therefore, should  my advisor aka the mind , have an “off -Day” then it is not co-operating with I( the soul).   Therefore, I am not a master of my self (I the soul).   The reason I am not a master of my self (I the Soul), is because the Mind is a faculty of the soul,  therefore if the mind is peaceless then I am peaceless, then I am not a master of myself.   My advisor who is having an off day is the master of me.  Make sense ?


How does one make the mind a cooperative advisor to I (the soul –  the master of myself)?   Very simply,  I need to be always mindful of my thoughts, words, action and thinking.  I need to always be positive, I need to turn negative into positive.  I need fill myself up with good thoughts each and every day.   I need to believe there  is good in EVERY THING even if it HURTS.


I find practicing meditation each and every day. Reading uplifting words and making an effort to become a better person and connecting to the Divine each and every day takes away the pain and allow me to be stable almost 356 days a year, year on year.  We are very powerful and we can be happy, it is just a choice and habit.  If we live a life of a good routine, and nourish I the soul with positive thoughts and meditation with the Divine, then I will become a master of my self, and NOT the a servant of circumstance.

Self Mastery:-  the art of being a master of myself.

  • The art of knowing myself.
  • The art of understanding why I become unhappy, mood, tearful
  • The art of making myself happy, content, peace, wise, joyful and  my own advisor.
  • The art of stopping myself from having negative and unhelpful thoughts
  • The art of letting go, and accepting,
  • The art of being a beautiful soul, of peace, purity, love, wisdom and joy
  • The art of know when bads words and insults are shared with me – I don’t have to react nor do I have to cry,  I listen but I don’t accept nor do I raise my voice, I just let it be but I stay totally calm (like the center of the storm is the calmest place to be)!
  • The art of knowing myself, the art of having the courage to change myself,  the art and joy of becoming a better person..

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