Be Present Today and Everyday by Having a Strong Morning Routine



  1. How do you use your Time ?
  2. What is the motivation to get up in the morning?
  3. Why do we keep snoozing ?
  4. Procrastination !  Are we wasting our life away ?

Answers:  For you to find out by asking yourself the questiona and ……..


How we use each and every second of our life is vital to our happiness and success, to our calmness and stability. 

  • The world may fall down around, but how stable am I inside?
  • What do I need to do to make myself stable inside?

Each and every second of the day counts. Especially  how you start your day and  how you end your day.   Your success, happiness and calmness  are impacted by your routines and moods.  To feel stable  in your life is a fine balancing act.  Procrastination, laziness and carelessness are acts of self sabotage ensuring we don’t do well!  But, Life is a Habit, and Habits can be made or broken!  It is our choice!

My father always said to  me ” Early to bed , Early to Rise makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”.  

My mum’s advice from her experiences of doing a degree and studying was get up early i.e 4am and study, that’s the best time.

When I follow my parents advice I was successful and I am still successful.

However, I have learnt   that when I don’t go to bed on time, and I don’t wake up early  the day is chaos and the day runs away with itself.    This is why I believe:-

  • in Routines,
  • meditation,
  • daily intentions,
  • habits,
  • Journaling (as away of keeping myself in check) and releasing any annoyances
  • Exercising or at least stretching
  • Having breakfast,
  • Having Lunch
  • Have a decent Dinner
  • Drinking enough water
  • Reading something positive,
  • Gratitude,
  • Affirmation
  • Faith in the Divine and his blessing in my life
  • Preparing for tomorrow the night before
  • I do my to do list at the end of the day – so when I get to the office – I just crack on
Note:  you will find a blog post on most of these topics on my blog, 
use the search box and search for the key word.

To conclude :  When my morning is smooth, calm and organised, then  my  day is too, and I achieve sooooooooo much more.   But, if I go to bed late (generally wasting time somewhere), then the cycle of getting up late starts and it all falls apart.

I would like to share two you tube video about Miracle Mornings  – One is the short  by Dani and one Is longer (by the author of the Miracle Morning).   Also, if you are a fan of Robin Sharma – He also talks about the golden hour, the 5am Morning club  (you can look him up)

I share what inspires me and what I try to do in my own life, as I can see the benefits of it .  I know that if I am internally stable the world can crash around me, but I will be fine, because of my daily meditation, positive thinking and routines.

Before I share the Youtube Video:  Let me share some of my past blogs that are related to this post that you may also wish to take advantage of before/after seeing the youtube videos

YouTube Video:

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    1. Hey Miriam, what time is there. Yeah, my parents love them. Dad passed away 23 years now. But the words are in my heart. and you know it is simple an it works. on that note 21.53 i better go to sleep – practice my own word.. lol love Bella

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