M-T-O – A New Take on Goal Setting

Setting Goals.   We all set goals and we achieve some of them and some of them we don’t.   I gave up setting goals at New Years decades ago, because I would have already set a few goals prior to New Years that I was still working on.    I actually set many goals through out the year, I achieve some, and then forget about some.  Then when I do a check in,  I am like oh I forgot to do that.    I recently started to change the way I do goals, an it improved my actualization and achievement of goals, but hey – life still happens so I still am not 100% on the actualization of goals.   However,  that is me, and I know it is me, but I will keep trying at goals and new habits because I know I need to do these things to better my life.

Anyway friends watch this video and I hope you find it inspiring and different.



M-  Minimum

T – Target

O – Outrageous

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  1. That’s good advice. Sometimes we don’t achieve our goals b/c our goals change as we change. Have you ever had the experience of looking over an old goal list and seeing that many of them have been fulfilled, and sometimes we didn’t even realize it! That’s always a pleasant surprise! And in reading over old goals, I will sometimes say to myself, “That’s no longer important to me,” and I will drop that goal from my list.

    Love the new look of your blog!

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  2. of course I agree with this:) I’ve written a few posts on goals and I have read a few books about goals and typically those who are successful have a goldilocks approach to setting goals. they don’t set their goals too high or too low. Instead they set goals that are challenging, but attainable.

    Picking too low of goals in life will always result in underachievement. in the same way that setting your goals too high will always be too unrealistic that it may discourage you and result in underachievement as well. I liked the video, thanks for the share Bella. MTO. I’ll have to remember that!


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