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I have been on stop and start “decluttering ” project for the last 12 years.   I actually think decluttering is a life long project.    I find decluttering the house, the  cupboards etc so very therapeutic, freeing and enlightening.  When the house is not overlaid with stuff, when you have dropped items to the charity shop or chucked stuff away – there is a feeling of  fresh air in the house, and in your mind.  You, feel so healed and it automatically makes you a wiser shopper – meaning you stop buying junk and filling up the house with other stuff you don’t need.

Declutter Your Mind?   Well the whole premise of my blog is thoughts and how they   impact our life.  Happiness and sadness are governed by what we think, what we fill our mind with.   When we physically declutter the house, the car, the office…

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