Thank You Friends * 500 Follow


Thank you Friends for following this blog, for the likes and comments.    I started on 17th March and only post 5 post, and again in April another 5 post.  Then I stepped up my posting, then reduced it , stepped it up and then reduced it to 4 times a week end of September and I have kept that schedule of Saturday (quote day), Sunday , Tuesday and Thursday (that is an achievement for me).

Thank you much for all your support, both old and new followers.    Blogging is an interesting journey which I still haven’t figured out.  But, it brings a something special in my life. an inner happiness.   The beautiful thing is that you all follow, read, like, comment  and share your appreciation of what I write.  It is the most beautiful feeling to have my thoughts and words liked, but also they help others in some shape or form.

I am very grateful to you for all for your support, and I am always eager to read your comment and thoughts on my blog posts.


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