BLOGMAS 2016 -Announcement

Dear Friends,


What is blogmas?  Well I watch a lot of youtube videos (lots of random stuff) and a lot of the youtubers vlog (Video Log) daily from the 1st Dec to Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day and they call it VLOGMAS.       So, I thought I would do a BLOGMAS!

So,  I felt like doing something a bit different on my blog from now (2nd Dec) until 23rd of Dec 2016.   My Normal Posting schedule is Saturday (quote day), Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.   My normal posting schedule will remain.

However, I will add a BLOGMAS post on one of the Days I don’t post , that is Monday, Wednesday or Friday.   There will be a minimum of   ONE BLOGMAS post a week or I might surprise and do all 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

I am thinking off posting Meditation, Motivations Speakers  all from YouTube, and may be a quote or two, or even an Christmas-y post.   Who knows what I will do, but I really hope that you will enjoy the randomness of BLOGMAS at 2016.

Enjoy the youtube video below and get in the mood for xmas !   So let me share a bit about me :  I like the first day of snow but  I don’t like the rest of  it, and I so don’t do cold.   So, though I share the White Xmas song – believe me –  I am not wishing for a white xmas !     Finally,  This is my first year blogging and obviously doing BLOGMAS.

Enjoy my friends and smile.   Let me know that you think in the comments below.

Love Bella (aka


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