Be Simple, Be Kind, Share your Wealth with Others.


Be Simple

Live Simple

Give more than I take

Share peace with the world and my home

Share a smile.

Pick up a piece of rubbish that is not yours and throw it in the bin.

Throw rubbish that is yours in the bin.

Put your own stuff away and don’t be lazy thinking someone else will do it.

Take responsibility for you.

Take responsibility for the world.

Take responsibility for sharing love, peace and kindness to the world.

We have so much, just count what we have to be grateful for.  Even if we don’t have a lot, we can donate the gift of peace through our thoughts, words and actions.  We can give a smile.  We can offer to carry someone’s heavy bags, or just listen to their story.

If we buy less stuff, and really think about what we buy then, we can give to a charity that is doing good for those who are in need.  Surely another copy of xyz can be given up and that money saved can be given to more worthier a cause.

We the citizen  of this world make up the world.   If the world is greedy it is because we the citizens are greedy!  Would you not agree ?   So, if we the citizens of this world are peaceful, loving, giving, magnanimous, noble, kind,  compassionate , selfless, and more – then what kind of world do then live in.     We are responsible.   We all have a duty to be peaceful, kind, selfless, noble to ourselves and the rest of the world.

I enclose this very old video watch it and let yourself be inspired for good and selflessness.  It was from 1992 – ask yourself how relevant is this today in 2016?  Ask yourself are we blind by accident or is it a choice to be blind?  Why is it easier to ignore and do the wrong thing?   This is a great video listen to it all.  I loved it clearly, all of it is great, but the end bit I love, as I have been thinking about how our parent say xyz but don’t follow, luckily my parents have always been the best examples one could have in life.

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