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I made an announcement about me partaking in BLOGMAS, see BLOGMAS Announcement below, and my first BLOGMAS is also linked.    This is my  second BLOGMAS post and it is geared to Christmas, it is a great Song/Carol.   My version of BLOGMAS will be random  read the announcement blog.

Here we go with my 2nd BlOGMAS post for 2016.  Yet another YOUTUBE video.

Put the volume up HIGH and ENJOY.   This will surely kick thoses MONDAY Blues out the water !    Play it loud !  Wake up and enjoy the Day.  Have a good Monday and rest of the week.

Taken from YOUTUBE – enjoy

BTW way,  I am not Christian, but I love XMAS for the hope, the good cheer, the acts of kindness,  the compassion, the giving, the peace, the love to all,  the Carols and good will and nobility that we all display at this time , always makes me feel we should be like this every day – what say you?

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29 thoughts on “BLOGMAS – CAROL of THE Bells

      1. Thanks Bella – yes I did – very chirpy and I think I’ll be singing it for the rest of the afternoon – not sure hubby will appreciate my ‘dulcet tones’ though when he gets home.. haha! x

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        1. Wendy the diy queen..what you upto? A year if jazzing the house up.

          Did you know if you play the song and click on it right click with a mouse or just a click on the phone .you can loop it..


        2. Haha Bella… I had a moment of madness inspired by your song and decided to strip off the wallpaper in our little bedroom that my granddaughters sleep in and give it a new look for Xmas! No I didn’t know that but not sure hubby would approve… I may end up stripping the whole house if it was looped hehe!!! xx

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    1. Hey Pete so happy you liked. Can you imagine when i found this yesterday i had never heard it before. I did try and find another version..but this was the only one i liked. So happy you enjoyed and so happy you took the time to read and listen. I thought this post would get everyone dancing.. but it hasnt.. i love it u played it over and over last nite and i will be tonight. .. i am not sure if i can find a song to top this … but lets see .

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        1. Okay i will check out. I did find something else last nite…but you’ll have to wait. I have decided when i will share that.. i get my self so confused what to blog as a normal blog and blogmas blog… anyway stay tuned. Cause it is all going to be random.

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    1. Monica you still can.. i am blogmas making it up.. but there quite a few bloggers doing it. And i thought i was being a bit …but blogmas is there in the blogging community. Have a rules just blog everyday…the song isnt it brillant i found it on sunday first time i ever heard it. But another blogger advise there are loads of versions out there. Which us true..but i liked this the best

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