BLOGMAS -Brian Tracy-12 Step Method To Setting and Achieving Your Goals

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BLOGMAS Day 3 – Motivation,Goals, Time Management.

Many of us create New Year Resolution which in my mind is an Goal.   I personally stopped creating New Year Resolutions at 14 years old because those resolutions never came true.  I found that I naturally started to create goals in October or November.      I  then created Goals twice a year, and then quarterly and now I check in Monthly.

I attach two video from youtube here.  I have listened to both.    I personally think theses are really great to listen to, and re-listen to with a pen and paper to take notes.  Some of the advise in the second video is dated- but the principle is what matters.   I have had both success and failure in life, and when I have goals things get achieved.  I feel aimless without a goal.  Having a goal makes you achieve.  The first video explains, how important it is to write a goal down, and I agree with this.  When I write anything down, from goals, to dreams, to wishes, to affirmations, to gratitude and to things I want to manifest – they happen!

For me Goals and Aims actually make me feel happy.   When I say I have success and failure in life.   I don’t actually believe in failure, I believe that everything in life is test, or lesson. Even the most horriblest of events are a lesson in life.  I believe there is benefit in everything and this frame of mind has allowed me really to get pass some seriously hard stuff.  But, hey I am not perfect – that why I listen, read and practice meditation, values and positive thinking because I have some way to go.  But, then there are many quotes out there that expression life is ” life long learning and improving”.   For me to learn is my life.

I hope these two video inspire you, and that you re-listen to them.


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