Forgiveness -Why Forgive?

Happy Tuesday all, I wanted to reblog a piece I wrote in July on Forgiveness. Sometimes forgiveness feels like they get away witg it, but thats not the case. If we dont forgive the only person who suffers is me. Read the full post click on read the original link or continue link. And enjoy it. As Christmas and a New Year approach start it fresh. Dont forget to comment. Speak soon


Why Forgive?

We all have pain in our life,  we all know we should forgive and let go.  We don’t want to forgive because if we forgive they will do it again.

Karmic Connection: Did you know when you hold onto pain you create a negative karmic bondage with that person and the pain becomes a vicious circle.

Stop repeating the hurt: Once a person has hurt us once and moved on with their life – how many times do we hurt ourselves after the event?    Now, is that an effective use of our precious life?   Do we love to be hurt constantly after the event. Sure wrong was done, but it happened yesterday, last week, last month,  last year  , 20 years ago.  The one who hurt us – did their hurt and moved on.  And I remain stuck.   I not living in the present, not creating…

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