Does It Really Matter?


Does it Really Matter?

If I choose to make a fuss over something then it Matters.  Because I make it matter.  But, what if I choose to have the attitude of “it is okay, it doesn’t really matter”, not in away of neglect but in away that say -“it is okay, don’t get worked up over it, let it pass, it is okay.  It doesn’t matter unless I make it matter”?

With this frame of mind I take charge of my emotions, my reactions and I choose to let it go, let it be water off a ducks back and I ensure my inner harmony , contentment and peace remain intact.

So the question is Does it Really  Matter? 

If I choose for it not to matter then I keep my inner peace.  So they cut me up whilst driving or walking – so what its okay, I laugh and smile and continue to be a safe driver.   The neighbours are a bit inconsiderate – it doesn’t matter I just make sure I am considerate.

Live a high life and don’t be brought down by the lack of manners in others.  Remain mannerly, contented , peaceful and in harmony.

Our thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions make us happy or sad.  Choose wisely and you will be happy all the time, or at least get yourself out of hole faster than before.

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Our thoughts make us happy or sad – our thoughts are in our hands, our life is a selection of choices. No one owes you anything- go out and make it happen.




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    • So true we should not repress. But one thing for sure lessons come until we learn. I posted a robin sharma video about why positivity doesnt work and he covers this. I think positive thinking works as it helps see thing more positively but sometimes we need to acknowledge the deep pain and break it down before we can see positivity.. but for positive is the way to go…even when i feel like crying for days on end and cant see an end to the pain… only by positivity and acceptance and trying do i find peace.. but always acknowledge the pain.. thanks for visiting always a joy to speak

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