Wordpress Editing questions to you Bloggers

Dear Friends,    I have a lot of fun and games using WordPress.

I started to use word press on my computer using the website,  then I started do some posts via the app on my phone and then on my computer via the website.     Previously , on the website you could get into a more detailed  editing tool – but that seems to have disappeared.  So today I decided to download the app on my computer and the more detailed editing area appears.

I clearly am not an advance user of wordpress  and I really wanted to ask you all,  the below – to try out a poll function.   But, also would love for you to comment your tips and tricks – because sometimes I get a bit frustrated – and feel  I am doing some thing wrong.    So if you don’t mind sharing your knowledge with us all.

Thanking you in advance, please take part in the poll and please comment your tips below.

Lots of thanks  Bella



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  1. Are you talking about the wordpress admin feature? I saw it disappear a few weeks ago but now it’s back for me at least. Type in your blog address and then add /wp-admin and that should get you the admin feature back :).
    I only ever used the web online wordpress and although I check status and maybe edit a post using the app on my phone, I still use the online version as I have most control. I’ve never tried the computer app.

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    The Answer : https://Yourblogaddrss.com/wp-admin/options-general.php this is what i wanted, but it was more easily accessible on the website, but they have made it harder on the website now – or is this all linked to the theme. On the app on my computer is so easy to get to it is 3 little dots … – I find this way of editing and writing post easier, as the new fancy way WP recommend (which was the most of my post have been written by – can become quite unresponsive when I try to link my old post). This old way – is just faster and more response. thanks to Cat @ THEHAPPYMEERCATREVIEW for guiding me.