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The Answer : https://Yourblogaddrss.com/wp-admin/options-general.php this is what i wanted, but it was more easily accessible on the website, but they have made it harder on the website now – or is this all linked to the theme. On the app on my computer is so easy to get to it is 3 little dots … – I find this way of editing and writing post easier, as the new fancy way WP recommend (which was the most of my post have been written by – can become quite unresponsive when I try to link my old post). This old way – is just faster and more response. thanks to Cat @ THEHAPPYMEERCATREVIEW for guiding me.


Dear Friends,    I have a lot of fun and games using WordPress.

I started to use word press on my computer using the website,  then I started do some posts via the app on my phone and then on my computer via the website.     Previously , on the website you could get into a more detailed  editing tool – but that seems to have disappeared.  So today I decided to download the app on my computer and the more detailed editing area appears.

I clearly am not an advance user of wordpress  and I really wanted to ask you all,  the below – to try out a poll function.   But, also would love for you to comment your tips and tricks – because sometimes I get a bit frustrated – and feel  I am doing some thing wrong.    So if you don’t mind sharing your knowledge with us all.


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