Meditation A Retreat

Take a step back

Take a breath

Put on the meditation music

Take a breath



Relax the head, the neck, the shoulders, the tummy , the arms and legs



Eyes open at the golden red light

Visualise i the soul , immortal, a point of light

A golden white light i am

I fly from this body up to the soul world infront of the golden red light the divine.

I am surrounded by his peace , his love.

I become peaceful and renewed.

I retreat in meditation, in his light i heal, i renew, i become inspired to be good and the best.

Ahh medititation a retreat of the mind, the soul, the body.  A renewal like no other.. a retreat like no other. I become an embodiment of peace.

Daily Prompt : Retreat

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    • Great. Glad u enjoyed. I have a meditation page on my blog and if you use the searach and search for meditation you’ll find more posts. Then for the next four or more weeks i am sharing a meditation every tuesday to practise daily for the week . All the best.. have a great peaceful and calm day


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