Useful Websites for Meditation

January is a foundation month for the rest of the year.  But, any month, day or week can be start to laying a new foundation in our lives.   How Strong is Your Inner Foundation? .   To increase my foundation I am  practicing the meditation below daily  in the morning and evening.  If you would like to join you are welcome.  If twice a day is too much,  just practice it once day for the whole of January at any time, just practice it once a day and watch the magic happen.   I am starting with this today.

I know that a lot of  you want to start Meditating or are looking for another type of meditation.       I link two url below :  Just a Minute has a loads of minute long meditations and other useful tips and tops.  Brahma Kumaris website has a whole section on meditation.   I link both URL below and I have also screen shot the websites to help you see what is on offer for free.


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you find this useful.


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7 thoughts on “Useful Websites for Meditation

  1. Hi,
    I was just mentioning how I used a YouTube video for meditation, because someone referred it to me, and it was my first time doing meditation, didn’t really know what all to expect. It was pleasant though. I did two, one for exams and one just as a visual meditation by the same person. I am thinking about making it part of my week, to do meditation often to see if it continues to help me with my anxieties and what have you – for example maybe do it like 3 times a week or something, who knows. This was a very informative post, thank you.


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    1. Shay-lon. How wonderful. I shared some meditations during blogmas that may help you as well. I definately would advice daily meditation and if possible twice. I know it works. Also affirmations and gratitude. Our thoughts create our feelings and result into our action. Say to yourself ..better still say and write i can do this . I am good ..i am capable repeat 7 times twice a day and see do it for a few weeks. Which ever meditation u chose works but so do affirmations. I wrote a post on it you might find it useful. We are all capable of a lot… wish you the best and thanks for visiting..lovely to speak and hope we can speak again. Wishing you a beautiful and bright happy new year. Regards bella

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      1. Ahh, okay this is good information then. Daily and twice a day? I will make that a priority. Thank you.
        Affirmations, really? that is interesting. I suppose it makes sense though, something new I am learning. I will be looking at your blog post about meditations and affirmations, this should help me on my journey, thank you so much for responding back.

        Have new year to you as well.

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