“Young people are the hope for the future and, since the future of the planet is the future of young people, my message to the young would be to use time, money and inner, spiritual power in a creative and constructive way to serve the self but also serve the world.”

Journals of the World

Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Sister Jayanti, truly represents the essence of inner peace and meditation . She is someone who believes in the power of consciousness and thought to positively influence the world around her. Having found and developed her own path of  spirituality through mediation, she has been practicing for over 40 years with the Brahma Kumaris.

Being invited to speak at several UN Climate Change Conferences, her commitment in helping to combat further Climate Change continues, as she reflect on the importance of inner silence to spark change within individuals…


“Our curiosity for knowledge is important, but what is more important is our understanding to piece it all together.” – Amerah Ahmed

At the age 18, living in London, you began to recognise the possible directions of your life. Do you remember how you began to piece together the knowledge that has brought you onto this…

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