A Sweet Silence – Poem


I sit 

in a quiet place,

where the world is quiet,



and content.  

Away from the hustle

of the world

and  of my mind. 

Here I sit,

in solitude,

in a deep silence,

in deep contemplation



I the Soul

The Point of light

The star.  

The one whose true nature is Peace, Purity and Love

I experience  pure bliss of my inner stability, 

the calmness of my surroundings. 

I visualize  waves of pure love, kindness, calmness wash over me.

I feel a force pure peace, coming from the Divine,

and shower me

such peace and love that I emerge healed.

I share that peace with myself and the world.

I return back to the world slowly.

Oh peace,

silence and calm you are so sweet,

you are my friends, 


I will visit you more often, now that I have found you I will not lose you.

Thank you for stopping by.    I hope you found these thoughts  helpful in your Meditation.  Below I attach you a beautiful meditation for you to practice.

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I am Calm and I am Peace, I am pure Peace

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