Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!

To go into despair, is easy.
To wish life was different, is easy.
To be negative, is easy.
To give up, is easy.
To be lazy, is easy.
To live with no aim, is easy.
To blame, is easy.
To Judge, is easy.
To take responsibility, is hard!
To take ownership of my life, is hard !
To be positive, is hard!
Is my life one big irony? umm!
When I have so much,  I feel that I have nothing.
It is easy to have pity on myself.
Am I my own friend ?
Or am I my own enemy?
Do I  Sabotage  my own life because of the way I think?
There are somethings in our life that seem out of control.
However, what we think and how we feel is in our control.
But, it is easier to wish it was different.  It is easier to give up, and be lazy.
Step back and appreciate what you have.
To be positive and to be grateful, is hard.
It is easy to blame, judge and take pity on myself.
Sometimes we create problems where there are none.
Be careful of your  moods and feelings.
Defer negative thoughts.
Be grateful.
Bring yourself back to normal.
The law of attraction will help you manifest a good life.
Or it will help you manifest your negativity.
What are you sending out into the world.
What are you thinking.
Be a master of yourself, of your thoughts, of your feelings.
Don’t take the easy road.
Live a high life and don’t let negativity rule you.
Did you know the brain doesn’t understand the word DON’T.
So if you say I don’t want them in my life.
The Brain/Mind understand  YOU WANT THEM IN YOUR LIFE.
The brain doesn’t understand negative.
So BE-CAREFUL how you talk to yourself and what you are sending out to the world .
Are you attracting negativity into your life because of they  way you think?
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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about

14 thoughts on “Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!

  1. This is so appropriate for the situation here in the USA right now. So much bitterness over the recent election. I am staying away from social media b/c I cannot stand all the negativity and mean-spirited words and sentiments. Most of the people I communicate with on social media are not doing this, but a few are and it’s really getting old.

    Donald Trump is President now and we need to stand behind our President, whether we voted for him or not. To continue to rant and rave just makes people seem like bitter sore losers who can’t handle disappointment, bullies who cannot stand to not get their own way. I’m sorry, I just can’t take it any longer. We need to stand united and love one another. We need to give someone a chance and not pre-judge. Pray for the people in office rather than tear them down before they have even had an opportunity to serve.

    Perfect love casts out fear, as St. Paul said. Let’s love instead of hate, and the fear will be conquered.

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    1. Oh that is so sweet of you for the nomination. I generally dont accept nominations as I then have to select other bloggers to nominate and I just find that too hard to choose one blogger over another. I am go grateful for the nomination and please accept my apologizes for not accepting it.

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      1. Amazing when used consciously but so often we are sending out negative wishes without even realising it.. then you are so right – we get what we asked for.. particularly with the word ‘don’t’… x


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