Imagine: One World filled with Peace & Harmony!

I thought I would share an old post of mine. I hope you enjoy. This is a favourite of mine and one that makes my heart sing. Read it fully and let me know your thoughts.


Imagine – One World – Peace and Harmony – Brotherhood of Man


If we want a better world we are all responsible for it ,   WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FORIT.   We can’t sit back and say oh it is the governments, etc responsibility.  Every single HUMAN BEING is RESPONSIBLE – not a select few!

When I Change the World Changes  – Brahma Kumaris

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

Peace on earth will not come until I AM PEACEFUL in my thoughts, words and Actions!


Human being are so bright and so clever, look at  what we have created.  We have gone to the moon and back,  to space and back,  we created so many wonderful things and some not so wonderful things.   We create happiness or sadness, Peace or War!

If we can’t live in peace and harmony,  thenonly…

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