Thoughts are Food for the Mind

Thoughts are the creations of the mind.  What we repeatedly think creates a habit.  What  we read feeds our mind and creates thoughts.  Thoughts are the food for the mind.

So what habits are we creating with our thinking?  Is it that we constantly have good thoughts in our mind, are we constantly peaceful, are we constantly upset or are we in a constant mood?


It is so important to have fresh food for you mind every single day.   A fresh positive thought every day, a motto or a mantra will help you stay peaceful and happy all day.  All you have to do is remind yourself of it.    Always, go out of your way to create the habit of positive thinking every day (I share various thoughts on Instagram  almost daily).  Then you will feel that  life is not so hard.  Read positive thoughts,  listen and watch programs that make you happy, that give a deeper meaning to life.


It is so important to be grateful and to practice affirmations daily . Journaling is also a great way of dealing with painful issues and helping solve them.  You could even try meditation to help you find balance in your life.

Whatever you do” always think there is benefit in everything and you will begin to see benefit in everything”.


Take care of your thoughts and your thoughts/habits will take care of you.

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14 thoughts on “Thoughts are Food for the Mind

  1. So true yet for many years in my life I thought nothing but bad things. Always worried the worst of a situation would happen. It’s so different to be in a different place today and to see the benefit of good and positive thoughts :).<3. Lovely post

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