Summary of This Weeks Posts- wk 3 2017

Dear Friends

Week 3 of 2017 is almost over.  Does anyone feel as if January  2017 is speeding by?

Anyway,  the point of this post is,  that I want to try something new!  That is,  on Saturday or Sunday I  want to post a summary of all the post for the week that has just gone.

To start of that process, I am going to list all the posts that  I have done from 1st  January 2017 up to today 21st  January 2017 down below.   After which  I will just list the posts for that week – make sense !?

What do you think of this  idea?  Do let me know your thoughts would this be something you would like or? Or would you prefer me to do something else?

Thank you for stopping by.    

————   Week 1  —————–

A New Year Wish

Daily Meditation Equals Daily Calm

I have Nothing to Fear

“Young people are the hope for the future ……

A Sweet Silence – Meditation

Live Your Dreams………..

Quotes Week #1 – 2017

————   Week 2  —————–

Thoughts – Negative, Wasteful, Unhelpful Thoughts

Affirmations -The Mirror of My Mind

Don’t Let Negativity Rule You!

Quotes – Week #2, 2017 – Gandhi

Blogging – Legally?

Vision Board – 2017

————   Week 3 —–** This week **———

Update: January 2017 Progress and Inspiration

Imagine: One World filled with Peace & Harmony!

Thoughts are Food for the Mind

Quotes – Week 3, 2017

————  ——————————————  —————–


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16 replies

    • Shay-lon, Many thanks for taking the time to select me for this nomination. I am truly flattered and honored. When I started blogging I accepted to nominations, because I thought I had to. But it was tooo hard for me then to select one blogger over another blogger to nominate. I felt terrible when I had to select one over another. So, if you don’t mind I choose not to accept for that reason. All bloggers are great and I cant choose one over another. I am TRULY appreciate you thinking of me and nominating me. That is a beautiful gesture. I hope you accept my apology for not accepting and I hope you understand. Regards Bella and thanks again for the nomination.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bella,
        This is understandable, I know many people feel the same way as you do and it can be time consuming which is another reason some bloggers don’t like doing them either, but figured you deserved this award due to your page being a very positive oriented page and I enjoy it, so even if you don’t do the award, you made it on my list and hopefully people will find time to check your page out. Thank you for explaining:)


        Liked by 1 person

      • Shay-lon. I am very grateful for this nomination . Honestly i really cant choose one blogger over another. I am also humbled you like my blog it means so much to have positive feed back about my blog. Writing is not my strenght and it is tough for me. Hence i blog to improve and i have a fair few posts to share. I just live the wp community -dont you

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, Bella, I do enjoy the WP community, it has taught me many things and has allowed me to network and communicate with people from all over the world. I enjoy writing and enjoy sharing things with people, and love learning about others in the process. I find that if one really takes the time to explore the WP community, they find many positive things along the way 🙂


        Liked by 1 person

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