Air, Wind, Gravity, Karma?

I originally posted this piece on 15th July 2016.  Re-sharing this as a ‘Throwback Thursday post’.

This post still resonates with me and probably will forever.  Hopefully, in a few years time, I  will understand Karma a bit more to write a revised and more mature version of this.

Please do read the full article by clicking on the source link.  I would love to know your thoughts and comments, please do comment.

Air, Wind, Gravity, Karma? What do these things have in common?   Do they have anything in common?  You might just have to think a little bit, a teeny bit outside of the box – just a little.  Or yo…

Source: Air, Wind, Gravity, Karma?



17 thoughts on “Air, Wind, Gravity, Karma?

  1. Great 👍 words Bella and all have one thing in common that they are all part of nature except Karma. We cannot live on this earth without the three. God and his gift is so precious he is beautiful and knows what to give our world in proportion. Karma is very different and it is so much in depth but to cut it short all come in this world of duality because of our Karma that is impressions just to realise who we really r. Loved your post. It is so nice to give feedback from all of us. Thanks 🙏

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    1. I know it is a bit out there. But my logic is , just because we cant see these things doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I feel that many don’t want to accept there is a natural law of action that impacts us all. Just because we cant see it, it doesnt mean it doesnt exist. Therefore, i compare everything that is invisible ,that we accept exist as my random comparison..

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    1. Hi Monica, if you search my blog for karma there are two more posts. But I have mentioned karma on other post when i talk about the soul. Karma simply means action.. but is connected with actions, thoughts,speach. Not just physical action. So the law of karma can be translated to ‘as you sow , so shall you reap’.

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