The Garden of The Mind




“The Garden of the World has no limits, except in your mind” – Rumi


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Quote Source – Rumi / the internet.

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11 thoughts on “The Garden of The Mind

  1. Beautiful Bella and I am a great fan of Rumi. Another sweet quote of his is: ‘Be Melting Snow, Wash yourself of yourself.’ Such powerful and inspiring quotes and even the quote you kept was so true everything is in the Mind. Great post.

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      1. Yes why not Bella can give you still more. If you come across this book 40 Rules of Love do read it, cause it is all about how Rumi became a poet after he came in touch with Shams-e-tabriz who was a perfect master and they became companions for life. Bella do throw your beautiful words on the poem that I just now posted on the search to know himself. Do let me know how I have written.

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