Quotes – Week 4, 2017

Dear Friends,   Happy Saturday, happy weekend.   It has been a long old week.   January is almost over,  I think 2017 is speeding by a bit too quick.   I had better ensure I make each second count, every single day.

Enjoy the quotes – they are a bit random!  But, random can be a bit of fun at times.








Do comment below which quotes you like and why.  It is always nice to know what others think.

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21 replies

  1. Hi Bella.. A fab set of quotes as alway.. for me the one that jumped out is “How people treat you is their Karma – how you react is yours”… It’s so true.. you can’t control other people’s behaviour, only your own response… I hope you’re well – I’ve got some ‘blog catch up to do, so I’m sorry I’ve not been across much over the last couple of weeks. Everything on this new laptop which is windows 10 is taking me twice as long – I’ll get used to it in the end I’m sure! xx

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    • Windows 10…ahhhh! Firefix brower ahhh but edge is good. And cortana is quite fun. As well as the snippet tool… enjoy learning. Mummy isnt too well so i am enjoying taking care of her.. my chance to spoil her and she can rest..

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      • Sorry Bella – how strange, I asked about your mum before I read this response.. I’m so sorry she’s not so well at the moment.. it’s very hard for you balancing everything and how lovely that you are so caring.. not everyone is! I hope she is feeling a lots better soon.. Angel Blessings to you both xx

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      • I am Bella – need to ‘get back on track with my healthy eating’ which as you can tell has gone slightly downhill over the last couple of weeks .. and I did so well over Xmas too so am ‘on it’ from today! Evie is adorable – such a fun character and never fails to make me laugh! I hope you’re ok too Bella? How’s your mum? xx


  2. Great Selection of quotes! I had to reread the cat one a few times, but when I understood I realized I would never look at a black cat the same way! No bad luck!🙂 My favorite were the one about reading in comparison to food & the last one.

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  3. Oooh I love the Certain signs precede certain events one from Cicero! Paying attention (from the heart!!) and using our mind for the good are so key. Thank you, Bella. ❤