Regret, Repent, Karma ?

I posted this back in September 2016.    It was another post on Karma and I , the Soul.     Please do read the full article and let me know your thoughts on the topic.  Last week I posted on Karma, that even though we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.   So I hope you enjoy this post, do let me know your thoughts.

Regret, Repent, Karma   If it was your last day – what would your regret and/or repent?  As most of you know I believe we are spiritual being – Souls to be exact. The soul i…

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8 thoughts on “Regret, Repent, Karma ?

  1. Love this post, since I’v been reading your post about Karma iv been more cautious with my actions. Don’t want to fall into those catogories, so I think twice about things now. Thankyou for this awareness and reminder❤️

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      1. The one your recently wrote & your quotes on insta as well. Iv been watching video my mentor sends me and they touch on that subject too so it all together seems like iv been hear a lot about it lately.

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