Meditation Challenge

Why meditate?

Well,  why not?

Why charge your mobile phone once or twice a day?

Well, if you don’t charge your phone once or twice a day you have a dead phone,do you not?

Why meditate?

If we keep running around like crazzies as we do, each and every day, and we never stop to charge ourselves – then we will be flat, zero, no battery left!   Sound familiar?

So, Why meditate?  Well to charge your battery, to slow down, to appreciate life, to learn to be quiet, to be silent, to create space to breath and to be you.  Also it brings you close to you, that is,  I, the Soul and the Divine.

Meditation not only calms you, it puts into perspective that which is out of perspective.    When you meditate regularily you will  find a new you, a inner peace and calm.  A place of strenght and stillness.

So,  are you up for the challenge to meditate for February or the entire year ?

The challenge is to mediation twice a day with a longer commentary, and  to meditate in the middle of the day with minute meditation.

If you follow the suggestions below,  great!.  However, if you are only able to meditate the longer meditation once a day, and may be do two of the minute meditation that is also fine.  The point here, is to meditate and create a habit of it.


The  Challenge


Try to meditate with the following meditation ” Most Powerful Peace Meditation Ever “, in the Evening and in the morning before you start your day.

During the day – I encourage you to pick a minute meditation from this website : www.just-a-minute.    I link a screen shot of the website below.   I would encourage you to check this website out as it has minute long meditations.  It has a Meditate Now button, it has 7 Steps to meditation.

I encourage you to mediate at the following times (or as close as you can).  Remember these are only minute meditation.

  • 10:30 am,
  • 12pm (lunch time),
  • 1pm (Lunch time) ,
  • 2pm,
  • 3pm,
  • 4pm

You will see a new improved you if you make meditation a new routine.  So will you join in this challenge to keep yourself charged with calmness and peace?   Comment below, if you are in and going to give all you have got.    I think it will be a wonderful life changing experience.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Please like, comment,share, or subscibe to my blog.   Thank you.


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40 thoughts on “Meditation Challenge

      1. Please spare some things time to go through my blog on Spiritual books & do recommend some other wonderful spiritual books that you have come across.Even though I should not compare books but believe me, Mystic’s Musings & Autobiography of a Yogi are just superb.Refer my blog for details .

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      2. Rahul i did visit your site but i cant comment on the books you have recommended as i havent read any spiritual books per se. I am reading the power of now by echart tolle you may like that..

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  1. Reblogged this on ThoughtsnLifeBlog and commented:

    Dear Friends, So Feb is over and the question is, those who joined in this challenge:fully or partly how did it go? Where you able to see any benefits? Did you get derailed? Are you going to keep this going for the rest of the year?

    I think it important to meditate as your daily routine as it givrs balance. Some days are easy and life is good. And some days or weeks life slaps you in face so hard and you are …whaaat!

    Meditation slows the traffic of your thoughts and helps you get back on track. It however requires daily practise.

    I have been meditating for years and i know what it like to do well, to not do it at all. I know if i dont meditate daily, life begins to get so heavy and so out of control. So no matter how bad life is i dont stop meditating. At least at night and in the mudfle of the day.

    So i am excited to see how you did with challenge..and you ate going to it for rest of year.

    Okay ..i did okay in terms of the challeng ..but two weeks for me where a bit mad so. I didnt do so well.

    Do read the original post for the challenge details.


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