Tolerate and Still be Beautiful and Strong!


To know your truth is your inner strength.

To know your strength is your inner strength.

To stand firm like a tree is your foundation.

To know your value is your strength

To know who you are, is your capacity, your protection,  your power and strength.

Even if someone curses you, you are still beautiful.

Even if a storm comes, and another storm comes, you are still beautiful.

Even if stones are thrown at a tree.  The tree still stands firm and gives its fruit in its response to the stones.  The tree may shake, but its roots are firm, for it knows that it is here to share its fruit and shade, for it knows its beauty and its reason d’etré.

Be beautiful in your character even when stones are thrown.  The stones are thrown, but they do not need to enter your heart.  Give fruit when stones are thrown.  Never lose your beauty.

Remember your strength,  remember you are good, and remember your value. You are strong,  internally strong, internally firm,  and you know your worth.  Then, to tolerate a situation becomes a walk in the park. No matter what you have to tolerate, you can, for you know to be beautiful in character is your reason d’etré.  Let others be mean but not I,  let me always be a beautiful Soul.

Never let go of your good nature or your character, because of the games played by others.  Always, remain a beautiful person, full of goodness and character.   Never let that go of your goodness,  not for a stone.   Be a beautiful firm tree. The qualities of a tree, are that it will sway and bend in wind,  but it stays firmly rooted.


Parting Questions:

What do you think about tolerating?  Do you feel, why do I have to tolerate?   Do you feel weak if you tolerate? Or do you feel resentful?

To tolerate can be a powerful thing when it is done from a place of strength, not ego, but strength.

To me,  to tolerate means to accept the storm as it stands, to know the storm is not a reflection of me always!  Sometimes we have to withstand a great deal of unfairness that seems to never end, but it doesn’t mean you are at fault.

There are of course times when our ego is stubborn and we are told things that maybe we should listen to and change.

There is one fact of life that has to be understood, that is,  I can’t change another, I can only change myself.   Therefore,  when withstanding storms, stay beautiful and recognise if you need to change or if you just need to give the fruit of a smile, remain strong and walk away undisturbed in your heart!  I know it is hard, but it is possible if you want it to be.

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33 thoughts on “Tolerate and Still be Beautiful and Strong!

  1. Brilliant words said in its true simplicity and the quotes are so apt in themselves and the Three words of Lao Tzu summoned up your great post. Loved the reference to the tree that stands even if there is storms or someone kicking it, so why not we who cower down with circumstances and not hold on to our own and stand firm and keep on holding on to Him and his faith. Awesome post loved it.

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  2. Lovely post. We are tolerate of our elderly when they become weaker and frailer. We are tolerate of our children when they are needy and when they make mistakes. We are tolerate of our friends and colleagues when they ask questions and need our help. Tolerance is fundamental to life and making it better for us all.

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