Let me share Peace with the World each and every day.

Let me share peace with myself and the world.   This is a blog post from 2016. Hope you enjoy it.   If we all create an atmosphere of peace globally,  then we may be able to live in harmony.Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi Let me build my Character each and every day. Let me share peace, calm and love with the world each and everyday.  Let me be an instrument …

Source: Let me share Peace with the World each and every day.

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      • It’s a lovely ‘golden oldie’…. it’s ‘matured well’ like good wine..
        I’m looking forward to setting off to London tomorrow, ready for 3 days of inspiration – very exciting! Poor hubby is being left behind to continue trying to sort out the mess of our DIY Disaster.. We’ve currently got a makeshift kitchen set up on my dining room table and the sink is propped up on wood!.. Ahh Well… we’ll get there in the end! I hope you have a brilliant weekend Bella .. xx

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      • Have a great experience in London, hope it ends up being what you expect and more. I hope you will be able to share some learnings with us. I took this week off as an importu week off, well I am part time. I haven’t had a week off since I stared in july. Mum isnt too well. and I need a break to catch up on stuff. I normally work in London.

        enjoy take care

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      • Thanks so much Bella.. I’m so sorry your mum isn’t so good at the moment.. I know how hard this time must be for you and what a good decision to take some time off to recover yourself slightly! You take care of yourself too and I’ll definitely post about my trip! x

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