Writing Inspiration – J.K. Rowling

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share something different today.  My blog is about ‘thoughts’ and how what we think and how we think makes us happy and sad.   This post is a little different.  As bloggers and writers, we go through phases of ups and down. Well, I certainly do, and therefore I thought it would be worthwhile sharing videos, and learnings that help us all perfect our craft, inspire us, and help us out of any ruts!  So, this is one such post.

I found this YouTube video created by a YouTuber, in what he believes are J.K.Rowling’s Top 10 Rules for Success.   He compiled these points himself so one can not assume that these are J. K. Rowlings own choices.

When I listened to it, I would say that these are 10 lessons or 10 experiences that could help us all as bloggers, budding writers and those of us who are published, writers.

I hope you find it useful, inspiring and encouraging. I personally, found it very useful and inspiring.

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  1. I was very inspired by the video, it was nice to get the perception of someone who started with just a dream and is not a major success! This inspired me to see my great self as who I wish to be now vs. waiting till others validation, give me value & price.

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