Quotes wk #6, 2017

Dear Friends,

Happy weekend to all.  Today, in a suburb of London we wake up to a dusting of Snow.  It has been an eventful week.

I took an impromptu week off work, as my mum wasn’t well and I had not taken any time off in 6 months.

Then on Thursday, we were driving back home on the A406 North Circular a fast road on the left-hand side lane,  A lorry that clearly didn’t see us decide to turn into us, scraping the whole of the driver’s side.  My side, bits of the car was flying off,   I was trying to keep control and not mount the pavement, I slowed down and then horned because he still didn’t realise he was hitting us.   He actually stopped we exchanged details.  The damage to the car was amazing little, and that fact we are still here is something of a miracle and completely Gods protection.  With my heart in my mouth, and knowing my mum was okay I had to discuss with this lorry driver calmly when I just wanted to fall apart,  and he was so terrible he says I didn’t see you,  don’t worry these things happen all the time.  I said not to me they don’t.    I wanted to say you could have killed us, but I kept calm.   We eventually get home,  I probably should not have driven home with no wing mirror – but I did.   I so worried for my mum but we both stayed calm and we are okay ish…

I said to myself benefit in everything.   I said to mum I was feeling something was going to happen, she felt the same.  I hope the dark cloud was this accident and we are free from it.  We have an unfit car now.. anyway we are still here.  I didn’t want to do anything on Friday and my mum said, you have to get on with life – and just getting on with life really does the trick.  I love my mum.

So quotes for this week random as ever.








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    • Brigid, thank you .. i have to return to work as the accident happened on my week off. But i workung from home tomorrow as they are going to pick the car up.. we are shock but okay… many thanks ..i have an almighty cold now

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  1. Bella, so sorry to hear about your accident, but I’m so glad you and your Mom are okay! Cars can be fixed, although I know it’s a big inconvenience. I hate driving on fast roads with a lot of big trucks, it can be scary. I hope your Mom is feeling better. Great quotes, by the way! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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