Daily Intention – Detachment

I originally posted this in June 2016.   I love setting daily intentions.   Read the original piece and let me know your thoughts and if you experiment with this how it went.   Have a beautiful day my friends.  Look forward to reading your comments.


What is your intention for the day?  It is important to set an intention for the day.  When I set an intention for my day, I create a focus that I try to do the whole day.     So today I would like…

Source: Daily Intention – Detachment

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  1. Hello Bella, I love setting intentions of the day. Ever since I read this post back in the summer I have been practicing it. It feels good to have a focus of the day and concentrate on it. I have been trying to do it a little bit on the challenge. I didn’t want to give everyone to much info at once. However I did try to put a quote and mental workout that focus on the same trying. I really am a fan of intentions of the day. I write them in my journal or at work. Currently Iv been experiencing uncountable happiness. However, in occasion I run into difficult people who for a second alter my happiness. I will practice your detachment perspective more. It really spoke to me, for all the valid strong points you have made. Thankyou for sharing this!

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      • Thank you very much Bella! I’m working hard to get them done. I’m off this weekend so I’ll have time to get new ones for us 🙂 thank you for your acknowledgment and kind words!❤️

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