Summary of the last two weeks posts – WK #6 & #7, 2017

Dear Friends,   I was unable to do a summary of week #6 because life went a little upside down, read all the details in Week 6 quotes and then I feel badly ill on the Sunday before returning to work after a week off.

So, here are this week posts-WK #7 and last week post wk #6.    So those of you who have missed any can recap.    Enjoy and comment as always,  I love to know your thoughts and feelings, it is always good to share and talk then we all learn, grow and laugh- maybe.

Summary of Week 7, 2017

Quotes wk#7, 2017

Daily Intention – Detachment

The Power to Withdraw

Summary of Week 6, 2017

Quotes wk #6, 2017

Writing Inspiration – J.K. Rowling

Thought for Today = #1

Let me share Peace with the World each and every day.

Meditation Challenge #1


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you liked one of the posts from the last two week.  Please like, share, or comment on any post.   Please follow for weekly posts on thoughts and how they make us happy or sad.   I like to share that which inspires me to keep positive, that allows me to meditate, instil good habits in my life, and that allows me to remember I can only change myself, not another.  So, if I don’t like my life then it is up to me to change it.

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