Happiness is in the company of The Divine


Choose to be happy.

Smile inside knowing the Divine is always with you.

Whenever you call out his name he will answer, you just have to listen.

Let go of his hand, is like letting go of his guidance and walking this life alone.

This  life is no longer easy to walk alone, walk with the
Divine and he will guide you and project you.

Happiness is walking and talking to the Divine.   In meditation, that is in connection with him you down load his purity and peace, and become full of peace.

Hold his hand and he will forever guide you.   No tears will fall upon your face, for he guides with insight, intuition, his word  and his love.

You must communicate with him and he will answer you.

Selfless is his love, always giving.   He never left us , we just forget to hold his hand and that is why we feel abandoned. He is always present, all you have to do is talk to him, and listen for his guidance, that comes in the form of a touching or sudden clarity.

Happiness is the Divine and his love and walking hand in hand with his grace.

When we let go we cry.   Hold his hand in this life then it won’t feel so tough.

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  1. This is beautiful, Bella. I’m a minister in an alternative spiritual path, and one line of my ministerial blessings says, “Reach out and let yourself be supported now”.
    Have a blessed rest of your weekend. Big smiles and hugs! ~Debbie


  2. This is a beautiful post, Bella. I totally agree. I think that a lot of people who don’t believe in God or a Supreme Being simply have not let Him into their minds and hearts and lives. If they will just keep an open mind and invite God to let them feel His presence, they will feel differently. I cannot imagine life without the comforting, guiding presence of God. And for those who resent the patriarchal pronoun “He,” it is just for convenience’s sake, as it is awkward to keep saying He/She or God. As God is Spirit, He is both male and female, encompassing the wonderful qualities of both a mother and a father.

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  3. I love Him. He is the only Father I have ever known. He is all around us, and offers to guide and direct our footsteps. We don’t have to beg him, he does it lovingly. He wants only the highest and best for us, how could we ever forsake Him. Where He leads, I will follow. When He speaks, I will listen. Am I happy as a result? How could I not be?! He made us to live with purpose and choice, not grief disappointment, and bewilderment. That alone is a reason to be happy! He cares!!!

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  4. Good Morning Bella and I so agree with your beautiful words and the inspiring post. Happiness and all its other positivity is so awesome and it is all Him. Do not let go of his Hand, he is always there with you in your Love, Happiness and whatever you say. Beautiful.

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