Successful – Really?

Another one if my earlier blog posts, from 3 rd april 2016.

As i approach my my one year blogging milestone , i have decided to share my older post. Be sure to read fully the source/original post fully and do comment. Have a great friday


We are all trying to achieve something or the other.  Often, we are multi-tasking what we want to achieve, with all the roles we play.   Often it hard and we want to give up.     Then we remember   –   Try and try again, if it doesn’t work out then try again!  If it works out, then great – but remember “a rolling stone gathers no moss!”  Life is one big experiment and never give up on doing what you want to do.

The caveat!

Live a life that is respectful to yourself and others.  Your needs and desires to gain xyz, should never hurt/cheat another person/or organisation.  Be mindful of what you do, what you have success in, and what you don’t have success in.

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  1. Congratulations on your first year of blogging. I am approaching my first-year anniversary, too, and I have thought of doing the same thing, reblogging some of my earlier posts, as new followers may not have ever read them. Wishing you a successful second year! 🙂

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