Quotes wk #8, 2017

Dear friends,  Happy weekend to you all.   Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

So,  to all the quote lovers out there, here are this week’s quotes selections, all created on cavna.com  using all the free options.

Do let me know which quotes you like, or if there is a quote buzzing in your mind that you just currently love.  Do share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Wow! Favoulous quotes especially on Sunday morning.
    Quotes are just amazing in few lines they teach us much great things or fuel us what we always think, and try to listen inside of us what our intution is saying or than sudden a simple quote comes to u or tell u clearly ..-this is that u want baby .:)
    I love quotes … thanks for sharing ṭhis.👏💐

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