Pain and Hurt

Pain will always come.

We just need to understand, that it doesn’t need to become a life ĺong friend.

Let go of the clutter,the pain.

Forgive, accept and let go.

Pain doesn’t need to be your best friend, honestly.

So what if they are cruel,rude or what..why does it matter to you?


Honestly let go, for your emotional and physical well being, let go.

My mother always says and I noticed this to be true.  ILLNESS Comes to us to distract/move us/ change our focus from an emotional pain that we just can’t move away from.  Which also means illness is connected to our emotional baggage.

Learn to let go, forgive and accept for your health -physical and emotional.

Accepting and forgiving doesn’t make wrong, right.  No way.  But, it releases you from any karma and keeps you focused in today and being well.

Emotional Pain is an illness of choice.  Choose to move one baby step by baby step and save you yourself from serious physical or emotional health issues.  I am not saying pain is easy to deal with.  I know it is not.  But to disable yourself in pain will lead to health issues of some sort.

Pain is not your friend.


The world is currently a garden of thorns.  Thorns will prick you especially from unexpected sources.  Keep with the Divine and share you burden with him.  Let him guide you through the pain, don’t posion your heart or your mind.  Never take it personally.  Don’t shed tears for those who don’t.   Don’t lose your heart stay beautiful.

Let go your health is worth more than this.

Try this meditation to help you if you are struggling with pain and hurt.   I wish you health and happiness.

BLOGMAS – Meditation Going Beyond Hurt/Pain

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    • I hope the meditation helps there are two meditation the first is on hurt and pain. They are towards the bottom of the post link. Glad this post is timely and hope meditation helps .. sometimes deep pain takes a bit of time and regular daily meditation helps let go. Wish you well.

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