One Year Old Today & Thank You


7th March 2016 the journey began on  Actually, the journey began on 15th July  2015 on a similarly named site on a platform that was not fit for blogging.

The word press  journey, In March I posted only 5 posts, then in April another 5 more,  I was warming up slowly.   Well, quitting has always been a dear friend of mine, that only left me about 3 months back.  Then, in May 2016 I started to explore word press more and joined the daily challenge. I wrote my first post on the topic of my blog title “thoughts and life” as a way to introduce my blog, I went out to twitter and then slowly my little blog got found out.   I did one the word press courses I forget the name to help me on my journey.

As time went by, I played and played with my posting schedule, twitter, Instagram, facebook and Pinterest.    Making mistakes galore!    To this day,  I forget to #hashtag – oh it is such a bother.  And my friend Mr quitter kept pestering quit, quit.  I  experiment with schedules so much, because I had read and heard so much about it on youtube and Pinterest.   Was it a good experiment to do? Hey I still don’t know.  But, now I  blog weekly from 2 to may 7 times,  a bit random,  except for saturdays which is firmly quote day.

As time went by,  I made friends, got beautiful comments, and got to read some great blogger -blogs.     I felt like part of a community and it was amazing …”

People like what I write…”  eek, exciting, wow, can’t believe it…   This was really quite surprising  and I still love it.   I always  get nervous with a post I share. So, this feed back is encouraging as I am not a natural writer.

I started blogging for a good few reason,  mainly to share “thoughts and life”, as I truly believe we make ourselves happy or sad, by our thoughts and choices in life.   I believe through meditation, journaling,  affirmations, gratitude, a positive mindset all can be well.   Even tough times – okay tough times are hard, but we won’t be derailed as long as we might have been.


So, what have I learnt in year of blogging

  • Blogging is HARD HARD HARD work.  I think it is harder than any normal job.  I have had hard jobs in the past,  where I was  in at work at by 6am and home by 11.30pm.   Blogging is harder than that job!
  • But, blogging has given me something so valuable in all the connections I have made, and it has forced me to learn new technical skills.  I have a different sense of confidence in me that I have never had.
  • Enjoy the Blogging community and contribute.
  • Share what inspires you and it might inspire others.
  • #hagtags work on Instagram – even if you add them in a month later.  Yeap – believe me I have tried it!  LOL
  • Tweetdeck is a great tool for twitter again hashtag useful.
  • Blogging legally – well I think we need to be mindful of things – but I haven’t figured it all out.
  • Does trending matter –  I don’t know and I say set your own trend.
  • SEO – I still don’t get it, but I think it helps.  Don’t ask me how -lol?
  • Play with image making tools, and don’t forget to copyright your work

Am  I a wiser blogger a year on ? Well,  I must be in someway, but, I sure don’t feel like it.  Blogging is fun, but it is a lot of effort, but enjoyable.

Finally, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all, my wonderful friends and blogging family.   You really make blogging wonderful with your great comments and feedback.  I love reading your blogs and I love you all for being so great.  

You are the beauty of blogging – Really you are.  From the bottom of  my  heart I thank you all my beautiful  blogging friends.

Thank you to allmy followers across all social media outlets,  you inspire me.


lots of love  Bella  aka


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45 replies

    • Jacqueline you are a great friend and you invite me to my first blogging party.. i was so trilled and confused whats a blogging party , what do you do.. oh a year on i have learnt a lot and it has been a pleasure to know you and you inspire with all you creative outlets and now youtube. Love bella


      • Oh Cat, you must have. Anyways jacqueline hold weekend parties on her blog, where we virtually miggle. Meaning you leave a post of your blog or blig home page in the comments and visit other bloggers post etc. I made a good few friends this way. And Jacqueline really does it instyle and music… all vitual… but it is very cool..

        But i was an idiot when i first got clueless 😂😃🙄😶😣😥 lol now


      • Cat.. well Jacqueline hold parties at her blog often..not every weekend. My last reply may , make it sound as if it is every weekend which isnt the case.

        I hope it makes sense.

        Sorry i am still at bit put of sorts with this bug.


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