Blogging Courses on

Though,  I am a year old at this blogging thing.

I certainly am no professional.

I just went in and winged it!

Accidently, finding stuff, looking for something that might me help me do something.  Something, being the operative word.  Well,  when you don’t know what you are looking for, you call it something.

Then, you find the something, to use it.  Then, you forget once you use it how to find it.   A year later you try and find it again, and it like “they have moved it all around!..I can’t find it!!

Well,  I found it –  yeah.   Honestly, what am I like.

So, if you newish to blogging, or a year old and clueless like me you might find the wordpress blogging university page  heaven sent.   Here, is the url below.   Enjoy, learning and growing in that something !


Have fun learning.  I have enrolled on one, can you guess which one?

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Images :, and a screenshot by me.


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17 thoughts on “Blogging Courses on

    1. Gabe, they are free and you dont have to share what you do. I did the bloggers beginner ages back. And now i am going to writing one. I think you should try and only then you know. No harm they are free and i dont think they are marked, it is there to help you. Thats all. I would say try it harm..

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